About the site

In my mind, the finished website looks good, I swear.
Hi, my name is... Lin(?), I'm from Chile (obligatory "sorry for my english") I saw a video on youtube talking about neocities and I felt the need to be part of the small/indie web too (the youtuber even encouraged it). I learned the basics of html and css for a few months while I was studying animation (..yeah), but I didn't use it again until now... that was like, 5 years ago? So I don't remember much, that's why the site looks like garbage now lol. I'm relearning everything haha.
I hope this little project goes well, and I don't abandon it lmao. There's nothing much to see right now, but I left (some) buttons with other people's sites (that I follow) if you want to explore a little :D (or you could go see my art on other sites... idk)

Site Updates

  • Mar-14 🙂 The layout it's a liiiiitle better now, doesn't break that much
  • Mar-14 😫 It's past 1AM here, the editor on neocities scared me with so many yellow warnings lmao, everything seemed fine on VScode haha. So I changed things a little so it was more friendly to the editor... tho it almost gave me a headache, I think because of the cache or something the website was doing weird things xD
  • Mar-13 ✌️ Made the layout and put some things on it. It somewhat works for phones, but but the desktop version is optimized for 1920px and under that it starts breaking lmao I'm trying to do a "medium size screen" layout but is not ready yet, I will do everything again so it doesn't break so easily :D the phone one works fine but it's ugly lmao.
  • Mar-10 💪 I opened my Neocities account. This day is the anniversary now (/*u*)/


I'm stuck in a lazy state rn, don't wanna do anything lmao

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